Vanav - UP4 Cleanse & Lift 1 set

Brand from South Korea: vanav. Size: 52.5 x 155mm Battery: AAA alkaline This UP4 Cleanse & Lift comes with: UP4 Cleanse & Lift Main Body 1 pc Holder 1 pc User Manual (Korean, English and Chinese) 1 pc Warranty Card 1 pc Benefits: An at-home beauty device to step up your usual skincare routine. 4 modes ranging from essential daily cleansing routine to an intensive facial care to the skin. Helps improve blood circulation and revitalize the skin. The titanium-made massager head is safe for sensitive skin. You can adjust the vibration level according to your skin condition. Guide for each mode: 1. Cleansing Mode: Removes makeup residue, sebum and dead skin cells for a deep cleansing effect. 2. Lifting Mode: Works with your favorite face cream to stimulate the skin muscle for pretty face line. 3. Facial Mode: Works well with nourishing moisturizer to help those active ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin. 4. Eye Zone Mode: Improves blood circulation around the eye area to relieve and diminish the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. How to use: 1. Insert the AAA alkaline battery into the main body correctly. 2. Turn on UP4 Cleanse & Lift by pressing the Power button after inserting battery. 3. Press the Mode button to select the mode. 4. There will be a beep sound when the operation is finished in each mode. 5. Adjust the level of 3D vibration with the Level button during operation if needed. 6. After use, remove any residue of cosmetics products on the massage head with a tissue, soft cloth or cotton pad. Manufacturer s Warranty Period and Details: This product (vanav - UP4 Cleanse & Lift) is covered by a manufacturer s warranty that expires 12 months from its shipment date. During the warranty period, customers will be entitled to free repair service if the defective item is caused by non-human factors and within scope of warranty. Repair for defective item will be charged after the warranty period. Within Scope of Warranty: Limited to malfunctions occurred during normal use. Out of Scope of Warranty: For malfunction or damage resulting from human factors listed below: Any improper use and damage caused by accident or improper storage of the device (e.g. device dropped), any usage of the product not in the way as described in the user s manual; Alteration of the appearance or replacement of the product parts or dismantlement of the device on your own resulting in the device failing to function normally; Any usage of the product not in the way as described in the user s manual; Repair by an unauthorized manufacturer or third party.

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